A Man Who Ran Marathons While Imprisoned

Not making mistakes in your life is inevitable. It can significantly affect your mental health and future when your mistakes become life-altering. Markelle Taylor sets an excellent example by running the Boston marathon despite serving an 18-year sentence at San Quentin State Prison. Here is how Markelle, The Gazelle of San Quentin, ran marathons while imprisoned.

Betting on Athletics: What Are the Odds for Men’s and Women’s Events

Betting on athletics is one of the easiest gambling individuals can engage in. Athletics have minimal rules compared to other sports, so the analysis process would not take long. However, this doesn't mean the odds you bet on guarantee a win. The following outlines how betting on athletics works regarding the odds for men's and women's events.

Bet On Running Events Using Mobile Apps

There has been a significant revolution in bet placement. Most people are gradually embracing wagers on running events, particularly the most popular racing events. Yet, using mobile apps has proven to be the most effective way of checking available sports or leagues that are open for betting, according to Maximbet. Before you place this bet, it would be best to understand why betting on running events is worth it and how to improve your chances.

Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiring Runners

You have decided that you want to start running and keep yourself accountable for doing so. Great for you! You are taking a positive step in your life that can lead to life-changing results. However, you may need a little inspiration to keep yourself motivated when things get difficult.

Can I Run 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty?

You may experience some bruising and discomfort if you've just undergone rhinoplasty. As part of your recovery, your doctor will ask you not to engage in rigorous activity as that can lead to inflammation, swelling, or infection. But if you're an athlete or someone who loves jogging, you may wonder if running two weeks after undergoing facial plastic surgery is too soon. This article will answer any questions regarding how soon you can run after undergoing the procedure.

5 Amazing Fast Facts About Running

According to an exercise physiologist, running has a 30% difference in calories burned compared to walking the same distance. This difference suggests that the amount of calories your body burns depends on the level of intensity you exert.

Five Unforgettable Stories of Runners Who Finished Last

Studies showed that marathon finishers often have different motivations based on their age and gender. Additionally, education level, training frequency, and experience can also influence runners’ certain motivations.

Such differences suggest that strength and conditioning coaches and sports psychologists should consider these factors when training and motivating their runners.

5 Memorable Finish Line Crossings

If you’ve been running for quite some time, you may have experienced a relaxing feeling after a good run. Scientists often refer to this feeling as a runner’s high, which may be connected to short-term psychoactive effects like calmness or reduced anxiety.

Hydration: What Every Runner Should Know

Water makes up about 55% to 78% of your body. When you sweat a lot, your body’s water level decreases and affects normal bodily functions.

Running is one of the physical activities that can cause one to sweat. So, if you plan to compete in a running race or marathon, ensure you stay adequately hydrated.

If you experience dehydration or have an underlying medical condition that makes you sweat excessively, consider dropping by a medical clinic for consultation. This site may help you locate a healthcare facility near you.

A Guide to Finishing a Marathon: From Training to Race

Can picking the “right” marathon actually improve your chance of crossing the finish line? The history of this grueling race dates back to the ancient Olympics in 776 BC. Interestingly, the race was then under 5 kilometers (3.1 miles).


No question that winning a long-distance race like the Boston Marathon can be a significant life accomplishment. Still, crossing the finish line can be just as rewarding for those who are running. The mere thought of running 26.2 miles (42.1 km) can be exhausting, right?