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Athlete Guild utilizes the best technology in timing and race management.  Our goal is to exceed expectations in service, allowing you to focus more energy on making your event a success.  From online registration to finish-line precision, we're there to keep your race on course.



With over Twelve Years experience in Race Timing, we are able to handle events of any size using manual timing, disposable chips or ankle tags; whichever is appropriate for your event. Your athletes can feel secure that their time is accu­rately recorded.  And since we use radio antennas instead of mats, there is nothing for anyone to trip on!

You name the event, and we’ve timed it: runs, cycling, triathlon, biathlon, mud runs, tower climbs - we do it all.


Simple yet powerful registration can be customized to your event, utilizing your event artwork. We offer a full set of management tools available to the race director for capturing required information prior to the event. Our registration fees are very competitive and will bring organization and ease to this often overwhelming process.


In order to have a successful event, your data must be managed intelligently.  We offer complete solutions that remove the need to manage multiple spreadsheets and can keep everything online securely. You and your staff can access the event data through a dashboard providing multiple statistics and demographic data. The data also ties in to the online results engine for complete historical recording of the event.


Like a finely tuned machine, our team of event professionals will work with you to manage your event from start to finish. Let us bring our experience and expertise to the table as we make your event memorable, flawless, and one that you look forward to hosting again and again!

First-Time event coordinators? We can help you make the right choices, and make you look good doing it.


You don’t do this kind of thing for over Ten Years without picking up a few tricks-of-the-trade here and there. We are your one-stop in equipment rental that will make your event safer, smother and organized.

Equipment Available:

  • Cones
  • PA With Wireless
  • Mile Markers
  • Race Clock
  • Barricades
  • Packet Boxes


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