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Personal Calendar

Did you know that your Athlete Guild profile comes with a personal calendar?  This calendar is a complete list of events that you have registered for using our registration platform.  This gives you the ability to have an online view of all your upcoming events so that you never forget what you have registered for.  All that you have to do is logon to Athlete Guild using your email profile and then navigate to your account.  Once you are viewing your account, just click on the Events menu of your profile and you can see the calendar.  This calendar has multiple view

Meet Melissa Houser - Race Director of the Month

This month we'd like to introduce you to Melissa Houser

Melissa Houser Tell us your story?  Why did you become a race director?
I fell into race directing in 2004. I was interning for a large nonprofit organization in Houston that hosted a yearly Turkey Trot. Part of my job responsibility was to help the the Director of Development with race logistics. I was hired full time by the organization in 2005 and led the org's fundraising the Turkey Trot became my largest event to produce. I directed it from

Running on Empty - Exercise as a mood-altering activity

As enthusiasts and active participants in a number of physically demanding sports, we are all aware of the obvious benefits of exercise: weight management, improvement in flexibility, stamina, coordination, and cognition, and as a bulwark against common diseases associated with the modern sedentary lifestyles. You’ve also likely experienced the sheer rush of endorphins that comes after an exhilarating round of exercise.

Where's My Time?!

We've been timing and managing races now for over 12 years and one of the biggest challenges and sources of frustration that we face is the inability to capture your race times 100% of the time.  It's disappointing to us when we discover that we've missed a time and it's certainly disappointing to you.  Most of the time we can recover it and get you into the results but it would be nice if it didn't happen in the first place.  Why do we have the issue?  I hope to help answer that in this short article and maybe we can together improve our results.

Race Day Registration

How have you been handling your packet pickup and race day registration?  Are you still doing it the way you have been for the last x number of years?   Many race directors find themselves struggling with this every year trying to find the best and most efficient way to handle packet pickup.  It is a constant exercise in trial and error to see what works best.  Athlete Guild now offers multiple tools to help streamline your operations.  If you like the old way of putting packets together with bags and labels and stuffing all of your material into the bag, then

The Road to Recovery Starts with Proper Nutrition

It can happen to the best of us – through an unforeseen accident, overextension, or lack of proper stretching, we are left injured and temporarily unable to run. One very important step on the road to recovery is to maintain proper nutrition through healthful eating. In fact, we should practice these habits even when we’re healthy, so that our body has a reserve of vitamins and minerals from which to rejuvenate should injury occur.

Your body needs calories in order to heal


If you are planning on hosting an event, there are two items that will be of extreme value to you and that is permits and insurance for the event.  These are items that are usually required by the venue or municipality for your event.  The permit is something that is not usually required unless you are utilizing public roads or other public access.  If your event is entirely on private property, then it would be unusual for it to be needed.  The permit is to let the municipality know what resources are going to be needed for your event.  In addition to traffic contr

Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated to Run

It’s a common misconception that runners LIVE to run. Sure, there are some die-hards among us who live and breathe for the runners’ rush, but thousands of other runners need a little help to get moving — especially in these colder months. This post will outline a few easy (and not-so-easy) pointers to make it less painful to get up and out the door.

1. Prioritize Your Run.

Don’t Let Shin Splints Sideline You

As runners, we’ve all encountered the demobilizing pain of shin splints. While the medical condition known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) is most common in newer runners, it can strike more experienced athletes too — especially as they take strides to advance distance or intensity. BMI and bone density also factor into the frequency and intensity of shin splints.

Let’s look at the causes of shin splints and what we can do to treat, or even avoid, being painfully sidelined.

What Are Shin Splints?

One Foot After the Other… Five Reasons to Get Up and Running

Getting started with running can be a daunting affair. While it may be tough at first for some people, those who add running to their regular exercise schedule will soon reap abundant benefits. Here is a brief list of the top five benefits of running. Once you’ve become a runner, we’re sure you’ll think of plenty more to add to this list.

1. Get Healthy