Website Upgrade


Athlete Guild is constantly trying to improve the website experience for the growing list of athletes.  As we expand our operations, we're adding new events in a growing list of communities.  This is great for everyone but it has caused a problem for you specifically with our featured events and event search feature on our website.  If you live in San Antonio for example, you would rather see events in the local area first rather than several hours away.  To resolve that issue, we have added location awareness to our site.  What this means is that when you navigate to, we try to determine where you are browsing from and then present events pertinent to your area.  On our front page, the featured events only lists those events local to your area that we are participating in.  The event page itself though can be used to find all events.

One of the goals that Athlete Guild has always had is to ensure that we are a single source repository for all events.  Rather than you having to search multiple sites to find events, we do the hard word for you and then list everything.  It's a very time consuming and somewhat expensive process for us, but we think the effort is worth it.  It gives you the ability to see at a glance what is coming up so that you can make your plans.

To use the new event search, simply click on the Events icon of our website and you will be presented with the most recent events.  You can then use the new and more powerful search capabilities that we have to find events that you are interested in.  You can search by city and/or zip code.  The Range feature is something that we have just added that gives you more powerful searching.  Say for example, you live in Floresville and want to find events specific to your town.  You can simply enter Floresville as the city and then do a search.  The basic search will find only events within your town.  If you don't mind travelling a little though, simply use the Range dropdown to extend that search.  You might for example want to know everything within 50 miles of Floresville.  Just enter the city and then select 50 miles in the dropdown.  You will now be given a list of events within 50 miles of the town.

One feature that you may also not be aware of is the multiple views of the event calendar.  The normal view is a list of upcoming events.  There is a dropdown on the event page labeled Report.  That gives you the ability to view the calendar in different formats.  My favorite is the Month view.  That presents a calendar with all events.  If you use the search feature, you can narrow down the list and then use the different views to see the events.  We really hope that you will find it useful in planning your upcoming events.

If you ever find a problem or missing event on our calendar, please let us know and we will get it handled promply.

See you at the race!