Services and Amenities


No event management package will be the perfect fit for every event.  Because of this, Athlete Guild believes in offering customizable packages to fit the size and scope of the client’s needs. Our basic packages offer a quality solution to smaller events who are on a budget. This includes timing with our standard finish tower and banner as well as our dynamic data management tools and basic marketing support. When the need for greater functionality arises, our services can be easily expanded to accommodate. The equipment and expertise we field on race day can support events from 25 participants, up to the thousands.

Athlete Guild offers three base packages, which may be customized with various add-ons.


Our standard Timing Package is perfect for smaller events, or those looking to save some money. Although it is our base-level package, it is backed by our outstanding customer service and decades of experience.  The Timing Package includes:

  • Accurate event timing
  • Finish line tower and banner
  • Race clock
  • The latest technology in chip timing of participants
  • Inclusion in our ongoing marketing campaigns (, newsletter, social media)
  • Easy-to-use data management tools for project management, teams, and participant management

Ask about customizing your package with valuable add-ons.


This package includes all of the services of our Timing Package, with the addition of several services to help event preparation and race day go as smoothly as possible. Let us handle the hard stuff.  This package includes everything in the Timing Package, plus:

  • Marking the course to include mile markers and directional signs
  • Placing up to 2 aid stations on the course with a table and coolers
  • Assistance with course marshals and volunteers

We can also assist with course design for a nominal fee.  Let us help make the safest course possible.

Ask about customizing your package with valuable add-ons.


This package is a premium package which includes all of the services of our Package A and B, with the addition of a larger finish line and management support.  Package C includes in the Logistics Package, plus:

  • Larger finish line with accomdation for custom banners
  • Barricades around finish area to help corral participants
  • Assistance with permits, traffic control, and insurance

Ask about customizing your package with valuable add-ons.


All of our packages can be customized to include additional event items that you may need.  Because we produce our own events, we can assist you with any of your event needs.  The following is a sample:

  • T-Shirt production
  • Awards
  • Portable toilets
  • Announcer/DJ
  • Banners

Ask us about any special needs and we can help.