Why Choose Us


Athlete Guild understands the complex challenges faced by racing officials. Our company was founded by an active runner who saw what was lacking in available systems and knew that he could do better. Whenever a new need arises, congruent capabilities are written from scratch into the software suite. Our proprietary system is dynamic and unique.  This top-of-the-line functionality is what sets Athlete Guild apart.

Race organizers have grown to rely upon our secure, accurate data management capabilities - even when analyzing or coordinating multiple events at once. When this technology is coupled with an intimate knowledge of race logistics and excellent customer service, it's no wonder Athlete Guild is a clear winner.


Athlete Guild utilizes the best technology in timing and race management.  Our goal is to exceed expectations in service, allowing you to focus more energy on making your event a success. From online registration to finish-line precision, we’re there to keep your race on course.


Putting on a race event can be a frustrating and time consuming experience, especially for first-time event coordinators. We’ve been managing races for over 20 years, which means we know a thing or two about the most efficient ways to set up, run, and tally events of all sizes. We know which permits need to be obtained, how best to handle registration, and a hundred other small details. Save yourself time and effort by letting Athlete Guild jump all the hurdles.


Athlete Guild is one of the largest event timing company in Texas and ranks in the top 20 nationwide. This is aided by the fact that, while other companies offer event timing as a side venture to their retail storefronts, Athlete Guild focuses solely on event management. Our sole job is to make life easier for event managers.


Accuracy is paramount when timing races. Through the use of the latest microchip technology from Innovative Timing Systems, Athlete Guild is able to provide pinpoint accuracy to a wide range of events including cycling, running, swimming, and multi-sport competitions.  Radio antennas are used in place of outdated mats, providing a higher degree of accuracy. The antennas also enable race officials to assess matches, such as swim meets, mud runs, or cycling events which could not be served by the traditional mats. Additionally, the wireless measurements keep the event free of potential trip hazards.  After the event, the collected data is posted rapidly to our website in a format that makes searching and sorting a breeze. The race results are precise and dynamic, with a user-friendly interface that exceeds the old PDF or static documents.


Athlete Guild believes in providing the best possible service. In addition to helpful guidance from our experienced team, which includes an invaluable race director’s checklist, every event package we sell offers inclusion in our newsletter of upcoming area events as well as in our social media updates, including promotion on Facebook and Twitter.