Chosen Marathon


We just wrapped up the 4th annual Chosen Marathon in New Braunfels.  This race was the brainchild of Jenni Lord, the race director since its inception.  She has done a marvelous job of putting the event together and continues to improve it year after year.  You cannot imagine the months of planning and work that must go into orchestrating an event of this magnitude.  Not only is there the event itself, but the management of all the adoptive families (teams) is a herculean effort.  Kudos goes to Jenni and her team of volunteers who make the magic happen.  Their efforts have paid off huge for many families who are trying to adopt.  It is a worthy cause and for those of you who participate in the race in any capacity whether a volunteer or participant, should be congratulated.  A big announcement that was made this morning is that in 2014 they will be expanding to several more cities.  That means many more families will reap the benefits of the organization in their efforts to adopt.

While on the topic of the Chosen, I'm sure that many of you participate in events with a charitable component.  Probably 95% of the events out there are put together to raise funds for some non-profit organization.  The causes are widely varied and across the board from cancer to pet care.  Some are very specific while others are more general in nature.  Some of the events may benefit a school or PTA program.  Some may benefit a particular family in need.  Whatever the cause, all of these events deserve our support in any capacity possible.

Athlete Guild was actually formed to assist the non-profits with their race needs.  For a long time, race management and timing was out of reach for all but the biggest races.  As a long time supporter of many local non-profits, we realized that these organizations needed help but that the money raised should go to the organization and not to all of the vendors assisting them.  We continue to work hard to keep that business model alive.  It's tough at times but we feel good knowing that our efforts and helping so many to achieve their goals.  I hope that you will join us out there sometime and support one of these many causes.

See you at the race!