Summer Racing


Now that summer is finally here, it's time to start thinking about our training and racing schedule.  Most of us have to adjust what we do as the heat takes its toll.  Whether it is training earlier or later, changing the pace, or for some cutting the amount of training, most of us make some kind of adjustment.  This does not mean though that we can't train or compete; it just means that we need to be smarter about how we do it.  I know personally I used to love running during the heat of the day but I've found as I've gotten older, that I can no longer go as long and hard when I do that.  I changed a while back to training in the early morning and even with the increased am still able to maintain my training.  Of course, with age come other training issues but that's an entirely different story...

Besides the training, there are also surprisingly many races available during the summer months.  I used to see only a few each month from June to August but I'm now seeing lots of options from the standard 5K road races but also night runs, trail runs and even half marathons.  Summer doesn't really slow us down.  I've been looking at the calendar lately and there are some great runs coming up that you may want to take a look at.  Some have been around a while while others are brand new.  All promise to be a good time for those that brave the elements and participate.

Athlete Guild is involved in many of these races but a few that I want to mention particular are those in New Braunfels which is where we are actually based.  A lot of runners love to come run events up here because of the beauty of our park and the great after race activities available in the town.  The first event that I want to mention is the Nolen Vargas 5K.  This is a memorial run that was established in 2011 in memory of Nolen Vargas.  Nolen was a runner for Canyon High School who was involved in a tragic accident after graduating.  A group of his peers put together this race and it has become one of the summer favorites now.  A lot of area students come out in their school colors and run the event.  It's a lot of fun and is run in Landa Park. The event will be on June 22nd.

The next race we are having here will be on July 20th at Orange Leaf in the Creekside shopping center.  This is a half marathon now in its third year.  We also have a 5K in conjunction with the event.  The course starts and ends at Creekside and is probably one of the flatest courses you will find in the area.  It's an out and back on the country roads east of town.  It's not as pretty as some of the other courses we have unless you enjoy looking at corn fields and open country.  We're making a lot of preparations for the event now and promise to provide a great event.  All half marathon participants will receive a finishers medal.  And in traditional New Braunfels tradition, there will be beer and food after the event.  I hope that you will be able to join.

The last event for the three months that I want to mention is the Dog Days 4 and a half miler on August 10.  There's no other way to describe this race except hot and tough.  It starts and ends in Landa Park but instead of our traditional flat course, we take it up the hill into the neighborhood above Landa Park and then loop back to the park.  It's tough for the first 3 miles but the last mile and a half is downhill and/or flat.  This particular race benefits the New Braunfels Professional Firefighters.  We want to honor them and their dedication so I hope that you will participate.

If these races don't appeal to you, maybe one of the other many events in the area will.  Visit our site for the most complete list of races in the area.  We work hard to provide you with a single resource for planning your race schedule.   Please let us know if we somehow have missed one.

See you at the race!