Website Update


Some of you may have noticed (but hopefully in a good way) that we have upgraded our website this week.  The success of our business over the last couple of years just dictated that we upgrade to a larger and faster server.  I've been noticing over the last several months that the site had really started to get bogged down and at times would actually temporarily seize simply because we we couldn't handle the demand.  It's a nice problem to have but at the same time required making some big changes to accomodate the traffic.  Along with the move I've also made several internal software changes that you won't notice immediately but will definitely improve some of the offerings we will present in the coming months.  It's an exciting time for us at Athlete Guild and we're constantly learning and adjusting to the growth that we have experienced.  Kudos to you the athletes and race directors for believing in us and helping us along the way.  We owe our success to you.

While there are a lot of things that we want to accomplish with our site that have yet to be implemented, one thing that we have added that you may be interested in is the local calendar.  If you didn't already know it, every account on the website has it's own personal calendar.  If you have registered for an event that we're involved with, then your calendar will have that event listed.  This is a great way for you to keep up with your own personal upcoming events.  It's a great feature but not too useful if you are attending an event that we are not involved with.  There are other companies that do what we do so we don't necessarily have you information for all of your events.  A new feature has been added though for you to track these as well.  If you are attending an event you can simly find it on the calendar and "like" it.  It will now show up on your personal calendar.  We try very hard to make sure that every event in the area is listed on our calendar.  If you don't find it, please let us know.  Every once in a while, an event will slip through and we don't catch it.  We work hard to be a central calendar goto, but with so many events it's tough to do.  You can help by just letting us know if something is not there.  It doesn't even have to be in the area.  If it's an event that you are attending, let us know and we'll get it posted.

We have a long laundry list of features that we want to provide to the athlete community.  If you have something in particular that you have always wanted to see, let us know and we'll try to accomodate.  We're here for you.  See you at the race!

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