Keeping Your Race On Course


This fall has been one of the busiest race seasons that we've ever seen and many of you should be congratulated for participating.  Whether it was a local 5K, 10K, a marathon, or even a triathlon, you should be proud of your accomplishments.  For all of these events, your participation has helped support one of the many causes by providing them with much needed funds for their operations.  While the races themselves are important, they pale in comparison to the needs of the host charities.  It takes a lot of planning and work to put these events together and your participation makes it all worthwhile.  The funds raised go toward many worthy causes in the local communities.  We encourage you to participate by running or walking these events, but if you can't then volunteer your time.  Volunteering will definitely give you a different perspective.

The fall racing season is still not over though.  There are Turkey Trots and other events coming up before the end of the year and we encourage you to participate.  Whether you are a competitive runner or just enjoy walking, come out and support these organizations.  Athlete Guild will be there to cheer you on.