Meet Alli Welch - Race Director of the Month


This month we'd like to introduce you to Alli Welch, Race Director for Little Alsace Turkey Trot


Alli Welch

Tell us your story?  Why did you become a race director?

I was living in Castroville in 2011 and I was honestly too lazy to drive to San Antonio on Thanksgiving Day for a Turkey Trot but we wanted to do a race. So I posted an invite on Facebook for anyone who wanted to run on Thanksgiving to join us. I think we had something like 12 people that year. The race grew every year and is now at over 200 runners.


What do you love about your experiences as a race director? What have been your biggest challenges?

I absolutely love all the enthusiastic people I have met along the way at races or through social media! It's also been a joy watching my kids grow up while we are finding our way in the running community. We call them our "employees" and they have become more and more helpful at each event. My 8 year old is now interested in running and doing 5k races. I love to see her competitive spirit! Biggest challenge I'd say is getting people to register early! I'm always worried and generally it works out the way I thought it would. Save your race director a heart attack and register early!!


How do you feel your expertise in the field sets you apart from other race directors?

I choose my home town as the place we would house our business and host our races. I am most certainly an expert in the location that I've been running in for the past 25ish years. Most of our races we've done for several years now they run very smoothly. I couldn't do any of this though without the "volun-tolds," my friends and family, and especially my husband Jim who I refer to as the "Run Local Muscle."


Tell us about a crazy/funny/"you would never believe this happened"/story at one of your events!

Spring 2021 was very stormy and like always we needed the rain so who am I to complain. The night before the FCA 5K it rained a ton. Luckily, it stopped raining long enough to have a race. Unluckily, our out and back course was flooded. The athletic director and I quickly hashed out a route we had used in the past and he drove it in the gator ahead of the runners. No joke, it ended up 3.1 on the dot!


As a race director, what is your #1 goal?

I just want people to have fun, enjoy their time at our events, and come back!


What are you most proud of as a race director?

We had put on the Little Alsace Turkey Trot for 4 years when my mother passed away. Together with my family we decided to continue to hold the event in memory of her and the proceeds go to a memorial fund. We have given away over $35,000 in scholarships to date. Many of the people who participate in our Turkey Trot come year after year and it is the absolute best way to start a day of thanks!


Do you have any advice for others venturing into race directing?

Ask for help, bring extra everything, always have tape, and make tons of friends doing what you enjoy!


If you are willing, please share your contact info?

Alli Welch
Run Local

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