12 Perfect Gifts for Runners


The holidays are a joyous, and stressful time. 

There are flights to catch, parties to attend, houses to clean, trees to trim, and gifts to buy. And while admittedly we can’t help you with many of these — we CAN assist you in finding the perfect gift for the runner in your life! Check out our top 12 picks below: 

1. Snacks: Show your favorite runner a little extra love with custom blend trail mix packs made especially for them. Unique options like squash seeds, dried cantaloupe, and toasted coconut are sure to satisfy even the most fickle taste buds. 

2. Warming Gear: Is there a more timely holiday gift than a cold-weather aid? For most runners, training doesn’t stop when the weather drops (it just becomes a bit more challenging!). Electric and disposable hand warmers are a prime choice, and make great stocking stuffers. 

3. Superior Sound: Some prefer silence while they run, while others think those people are crazy. If your runner is the latter then this is the perfect gift for them. Help them pass miles to their favorite tunes with a pair of quality wireless earphones. With thousands of brands and features to choose from, your gift is sure to please.

4. Shoes: Shoes are a personal and popular choice for gifts, and while that goes for runners too, you do have to be careful. Many have a preferred brand, style, insert, and of course size. Consider a specialty gift card for their favorite brand or buying source!

5. A Running “Belt”: Santa isn’t the only one with a sack full of goodies this year! Almost every runner has had to face the challenge of carrying goods while training. A phone, keys, water, pepper spray, snacks, and other essentials all easily fit into running-tailored belts like The Zipster. A step up from the fanny packs of yesteryear, these belts don’t wiggle, spin, or chafe while in motion. 

6. Custom Marathon Glasses: What’s better than finishing a marathon? Celebrating a marathon. These map-etched pint glasses feature 15 popular city routes, including Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, and international tracks.  

7. A Dehydrator: Most runners love snacks (realistically, who doesn’t?). Enable the snack-lover in your life with their own dehydrator. This gift is perfect for the at-home creation of dried fruit, meats, and other on-the-go treats. Check out the Nesco FD-1018A Gardenmaster — rated Wirecutter’s top pick of 2020.

8. A Rehydrator: A water bottle is an excellent choice for anyone during the holidays. Whether they’re rehydrating after a holiday party or prepping for a big race, a quality bottle is sure to please. Options for this gift are endless, ranging from custom-engraved pieces to all-natural fruit diffusers

9. Spa Time: Someone once questionably said “beauty is pain,” which leads us to believe they didn’t book enough spa days. Self-care is an essential part of training, whether it’s a traditional foam roller, compact deep tissue massager, or spa package. Spoil the runner in your life (and yourself too) by booking some well-deserved R&R. 

10. Running Cookbook: Good nutrition is a foundation of great performance. This runner-focused cookbook was made by 4-time Olympian and NYC marathon record holder, Elyse Kopecky. With an impressive 5-star rating and easy-to-follow recipes this choice is perfect for runners in all stages of training. 

11. Blisterless Socks: Don’t tempt us with a good time! Almost anyone would pay good money to be blister-free, and in today's modern world, you can. This fantastic gift or stocking stuffer is versatile, cost-effective, and sure to please even the most fickle feet.

12. Foot Massager: Like any tool, our bodies work best and last longest when they’re well cared for. Treat the runner in your life to on-demand foot massages with an at-home spa. Options include both foot bath and dry massage spa versions with varying price points. 

The holidays are a great time to treat yourself and your loved ones to a little special care. Take at least some of the stress out of shopping with this runner-focused list. Be sure to set aside some time for yourself this season too, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself to at least one of these options!