5 Reasons to Love Fall Running


Fall is a fan-favorite season for many reasons. Cold fronts bring stunning foliage changes, sweaters leave storage, harvest festivals multiply weekly, and an almost permanent scent of pumpkin spice hangs in the air. 

But cool nights and limited-edition lattes aren’t the only great thing about fall — it’s also the undisputed best season for running, and we have the fast facts to back it up! 

1. Fantastic Foliage: 

The cool temperatures and humidity drops make for a perfect running ambiance. There are few better ways to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of fall than being in nature itself. 

2. Themed Events: 

Fall seems to explode with fun-themed runs. From more serious races like the Boston and London marathons (who could forget Lukas Bates struggling under the finish line as a clocktower), to local smaller events. These runs are a great opportunity to change up your training with a unique twist!

3. Camaraderie: 

Fall is cross-country season, which means a shift on the trails from spring and summer hikers to the season of runners. Find new friends, switch up your training routine, schedule meetups, or simply enjoy the on-trail presence of running partners. 

4. Solitude: 

While fall might be the season for runners, it’s a slow season for the majority of the summer-loving population. Parks, beaches, and boardwalks will all start to become more vacant when the warm weather leaves. This makes for peaceful and restorative solo runs. 

5. PR Weather: 

A lot of fall marathoners have no choice but to train through the summer heat. That means by the time cool weather comes around, you’ve got a race that you’re more than prepared for the conditions of! And if you haven’t trained all year don’t worry — fall is a very forgiving season to start your running journey in. 


In truth, there is beauty in just about every season of training. From quiet snow-covered paths to a cleansing and challenging high heat run, but fall will always have a special in the hearts of runners (and coffee fans) worldwide. So whether you’re looking forward to setting a personal record, or interested in exploring running for the first time — fall is guaranteed to be one of the best seasons for you!