A New Year


Well here we are  a month into 2021 and are still facing the panic of covid-19.  Like you, we had hoped that we would be out of this by now and moving forward with events.  With the continued panic though, we are still trying to figure out how to move forward with events.  We were successful in 2020 with hosting many in-person events and many more virtual events.  We worked hard with many of our organizations to help them a way forward with their own events.  Even with the virtual only options, many organizations were quite successful with their fund raising.

So what does it mean for the remainder of the year.  The current consensus is that we will still be dealing with draconian restrictions in the larger cities at least until the fall of 2021.  Many smaller communities have the courage to proceed with an easing of restrictions with highly developed protocols which is good news for the small events.  We feel though that we will still be under restrictions and covid protocols at least until the end of 2021.  We are contuing to monitor the situation and work closely with city and county governments to assure them of the protocols and safety of hosting in-person events.  In many cases, we are limited to the number of participants, but they are at least allowing some operations.  This is good news for the organizations that depend on these events for their funding.  With a combination of in-person, virtual, sponsorships, and donations, these organizations are able to raise much needed funds.

If you are in a holding pattern wondering what to do, please get with us to see what your options are.  It is taking some adjustment, but there are options that we can offer to help with your event.  Call us and let's work together to figure this out.