Sidelined by Love: 5 Ideas for a Happy Home With a Spouse Who Doesn’t Run


In an ideal world, the person you call your mate would just love getting up with you at the crack of dawn to train and run — then run some more. Right alongside each other you’d go, footfall for footfall, into the sunset of eternal togetherness and endorphin bliss.

But this isn’t an ideal world. More often than not, your partner doesn’t share the same level of passion for your hobbies as you do. Often they’re not interested at all.

So what can you do to maintain a happy home with someone who won’t match you stride for stride? Plenty. Here are some quick ideas to share aspects of your joy with the one you love.

1. Enjoy other outdoor activities — Running is certainly not for everyone. Maybe your spouse prefers tennis, a leisurely nature walk, or even a chill game of putt-putt golf. These activities offer a lower-impact opportunity to spend quality time together — with or without the family — in the fresh air and away from the house.

2. Involve your partner in goal-setting — You may find that your partner is a reliable outside force for accountability. By discussing your training goals aloud and writing them down, you will have a greater chance of achieving success. An honest spouse might also serve as the voice of reason if you try to put too many irons in your fire.

3. Prepare healthy meals together — We all know that a balanced diet is one building block of successful training. Try setting aside some time to co-create a few healthful meals a week. Your whole family will reap the benefits.

4. Focus on common interests — Ok, your partner may not love running, but surely you share some common interests or hobbies. If nothing springs immediately to mind, embrace that as an opportunity to explore new activities together. You’re sure to have fun along the way.

5. Embrace individuality — Instead of focusing on disappointment or negativity, come to terms with the fact that everyone on this planet has different interests and passions, and that’s ok. Life sure would be boring if we all loved the same things. So embrace your runs as “you” time, and don’t fault your spouse for having “them” time that may not include you. There is plenty of time to meet back together in the middle.

At the end of the day, remember that your spouse is a dynamic and interesting person with his or her own passions. It’s ok, even healthy, not to share every common interest.



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