Race Director Corner - Volume 4, Issue 1


It’s hard to believe that we’re now entering our 6 month of covid panic.  It has been a challenge for everyone, but especially those in the entertainment and sports industries.  We were some of the first to go and will be the last to return.  As a company, we have worked hard to provide solutions to our partners to get through this challenging period.  Whether it is helping with protocols to have live events, hosting virtual events, or trying to come up with other solutions, we have been at the forefront.  Those of you who have leaned on us to help with your events have hopefully come out successful and will be ready once we are able to go full-steam with live events and full participation.

In addition to helping with events, we have been extremely busy preparing our platform for the future.  We’ve had a lot of time to work on projects to make our platform even more useful than it has been.  We’re pleased to announce that we now have our own registration platform and are ready to deploy it to your race.  In the 11 years that we have been in business, we have depended on third party registration platforms to collect payment and produce our registration lists.  While we have always had integration into these platforms for collection of the data, there have always been little things that we were unable to do.  With our new platform, we can now offer better and more robust solutions to you and at a cheaper price.  This means that your participants will be a lower fee in processing charges which will translate to you having more favorable reviews.  In addition, you will now have the ability to completely manage your data from coupons, donations, refunds, payments, disbursements, and more.  This is a really exciting development for us and we can’t wait to convert your race to the new system.  We’ve worked hard to make it as easy for both you and your participant.  Please contact us and we can give you more info.