Planning a Destination “Run-cation”


Have you ever thought about planning a vacation that revolves around your love of running? Sure, running and jogging are great ways to see your neighborhood at street level, but variety is the spice of life. You could switch things up on the local level by varying your usual route or trying out a different trail at a local park; but what if you took things just a little (or a lot) further?

Vacations Geared for Runners

Believe it or not, many travel agencies specialize in coordinating running-themed getaways. These experts handle everything from booking airfare and local transportation to lodging, itineraries, outfitters, and guides. The process is as simple as embarking on a cruise, but the exotic sightseeing takes place along some of the most breathtaking terrain in the world.

Ideas for Running Vacations Include:

  • Participate in a marathon along the Great Wall of China
  • Jog rustic arctic trails in Alaska
  • City routes through Paris, Rome, or Toronto
  • Running and yoga retreats
  • Sprint mountain trails in the Rockies or Alps
  • Delve the Grand Canyon
  • Beach running in California, Hawaii, or Australia
  • Explore the coast of Ireland

In addition to feeding the need to be active, runcations offer a fabulous opportunity to visit new cultures, try new foods, and see the world one step at a time.

Hit the Road

Domestic travel is a breeze if you prefer to do all the legwork yourself (pun intended). Staying in the states removes any language barriers, passport or visa considerations, or currency conversion woes. Pack up your family or your favorite running buddies and head to a State or National Park. The internet makes it easy to register for races across this great country of ours! Find a 5k, 10k, or half marathon that winds through a new (to you) part of the USA.

Whether you decide to roam the United States or strap on your running shoes overseas, a running vacation makes a fantastic getaway for solo runners, couples, families, or clubs.

Have you ever taken a running vacation? Hit the comments section and tell us your story. I’ll see you on the trail!