Race Director Corner - Volume 3, Issue 1


We hope that this new issue finds you safe and well.  This year has certainly been challenging on so many levels.  As race directors, we have all had to make huge adjustments to our race plans.  Some races have been forced to cancel, while others have been able to reschedule, and fewer still have been able to convert to a virtual event.  As the states started lifting restrictions, we have been able to host a few events but with a completely new format.  We’re learning some best practices on how we conduct these races successfully.  The challenge is convincing local authorities that we know what we are doing and can make it work safely for everyone.

In looking down the road, we’re coming to realize that it may be a long time before we get back to the way things were done.  What does this mean for your organization?  If you have been hosting an annual race, you are now faced with a decision as to whether to even have the event this year.  You may be leaning towards cancelling your event altogether.  Please give us an opportunity to assist you in that decision as we have a lot of ideas on how we can move forward.  You put on a race in order to make money and that need still exists.  You may think of us a timing company, but our committed goal has always been to simply help organizations to race much needed funds.  While in the past that has been through physical racing, we know that for the foreseeable future, that may not be possible.

We are currently working on several new concepts that brings racing to a new level.  We not only want to see organizations raise needed funds, but also encourage people to actively participate.  It is going to be a challenge as there is so much fear going on, but we have some ideas that we believe will help.  If you are able and willing to hold your event, we know that numbers are going to be down due to fear but we have ways that we can help mitigate that.  We can also offer some virtual options as well as some incentives for people to participate.  Our goal is to help you and together we can all get through this.