Get Your Heart Racing With Running-Themed Date Ideas


We now find ourselves in the mad grips of February. Love is in the air, the stores swell with flowers and candy, and everyone's pulse tends to tick up a notch or two. While runners are familiar with the take-your-breath-away exhilaration of a good exercise high, why not share some excitement with an agreeable cohort?

The following running-related Valentine's (or any time) date ideas are great for spending quality time with someone who makes your heart race.

1) Plan a "Run-cation" – We all have a bucket list of sights we'd like to see, events we'd love to attend, or trails we want to hit. Fire up the Google machine and make it happen by planning a romantic and exhilarating getaway to log some miles in exotic surroundings.

2) Enter a Race Together – Who doesn't love the thrill of some friendly competition? Strap on your favorite sneaks, don your registration numbers, and head to the starting line. Whether it's a road race, a chill 5k, or something unique like a mud run, you'll make lasting memories running alongside the one you love. Bonus cupid points if the event benefits a local charity.

3) Couple's Spa Day – After the rigor of the road, take time to pamper yourself and your sweetie with a trip to the spa. Hit the sauna, enjoy a massage (your runner's muscles will thank you), and treat your battered feet to a pedicure. It's alright to slow down sometimes.

4) Take a Hike – Road running is excellent, but let's not forget the charms of a romantic walk on the beach, a secluded picnic in the park, or a scenic jog along a rugged trail. Getting away from it all is a great way to get closer together.

5) Keep it Classy – Hit the local gym for a joint fitness class. Spin classes, Zumba, CrossFit , or even yoga will get your blood pumping and your bodies limbered up. For something a little more sedate, attend a healthy cooking class or brush up on First Aid or CPR.

6) Race Flix and Chill – After your daily dash, cool down on the couch and cozy up with a running-themed movie. Popular titles such as "Chariots of Fire" and "The Jericho Mile" are classics. Meanwhile, quirky flicks like "Run Fatboy Run," "Forrest Gump," and "Brittany Runs a Marathon" are great for some laughs and at tugging your heartstrings.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your special someone, remember that shared experiences make the best gifts of all — but flowers and candy are usually a welcome addition as well.

by Jason Braun