We're excited to announce a new feature to our growing arsenal of tools.  This will interest any of you that like to see how well you perform against other athletes.  The new feature is a Leaderboard that we're introducing on a monthly basis based on geographic areas.  For any area that we operate in, we will have a monthly leaderboard based on the times of all Athlete Guild timed races.  As a participant, there is nothing for you to do to participate except to run a race that we are involved with.  Your times will automatically be incorporated into the monthly results.

You can view the leaderboard at any time by simply navigating to the list of events on our site and looking for any of the leaderboard events (search for "Leaderboard" on the events page).  Every distance that is covered within the list of events for that month will have calculated results.  If you click on your individual name, you can see your fastest times and the particular events that you ran.  We will list the top 10 in our newsletters, but you can see the full results on our website result pages.

We do our best to post results of events within a few hours of concluding a particular event.  The series calculations will then be performed by midnight for all events up to that date.  The rankings will change weekly up to the end of the month.  Each calendar month will have a new series ranking.  Are you fast enough to appear in the top 10?  Where do you rank against everyone else?  We hope you will enjoy this new feature and use it to improve your times.

One thing many of you may not realize is that you can view historical fastest times of any particular route.  Just click on the division menu of a race and you will see the individual divisions and the route that division is using.  You can then click on the route and view the dashboard for that route.  It will provide you with the fastest times for all years that route has been used.  We're also working hard to get all of the routes posted.  We have a lot but not all as they are often hard to find.  You can then view on the route page in addition to the dashboard.  More tools to help you with your racing.

See you at the race!