Website Updates


If you have been a long-time user of our website then you should recognize that we have a new look.  We have been working with a designer since last fall trying to incorporate a lot of elements in a way that is fresh and usable.  One of the primary objectives too was designing for mobile.  In today's world, more and more people are using their phones and other mobile devices to browse the internet.  The design that we had in the past was much like many sites in that it didn't scale to mobile.  We wanted the site to look good on a desktop browser but also be highly usable on a mobile device.  We feel like we have accomplished that objective.

Why is this important to you? 

For one, any event that we work with has a team of people that are making high use of our site to track registrations, communicate with participants, and manage their event.  We have found that many race directors are using their mobile to accomplish these tasks.  With a non-mobile website, this was workable but not easy to do.  In order to navigate the site you constantly had to expand and move the screen around to find the information needed.  With the mobile design, this is no longer necessary.  All web pages resize to meet the needs of the particular device and are easy to work with.

More importantly to the participant though is that results and participant data are now easily accessible from your device.  This means that when you participate in one of our events, you have complete information at your fingertips about the event and your registration.  At the conclusion of the event, you can easily check your results in a format that works well.

The website design is important to us because we have a long list of extensions and enhancements that we will be making over the coming months.  We needed the new design to enable these additions.

We welcome your feedback with the design or any features that you might want to see.  Just drop us a line.

See you at the race!