Yoakum High School Gym
104 Poth
Yoakum, TX 77995

In 1937 Yoakum High School was built on property just outside the city limits. This building was the first building to house grades 9 - 12. An auditorium with a seating capacity of 900 was included in this building. There was no air conditioning in the auditorium, but huge fans were strategically placed to keep the audience cool. However, the fans were extremely noisy which kept the audience from hearing the program. The fans were used once! Other buildings have been added throughout the years... a cafeteria, a new gym, a math and science building and a band hall. Today, approximately 450 students attend Yoakum High School. The main building has been renovated and contains the office, library, ten classrooms, and two computer labs. The recent renovation to the auditorium included air conditioning and heating, new light and sound systems, and new flooring for the stage. Yoakum High School's auditorium is used for school programs as well as community programs. Buildings and surroundings have changed throughout the years, but strong tradition remains. Yoakum High School strives for excellence and students live up to the high expectations in both academics and athletics. Welcome to YHS, Home of the Bulldogs!