Saturday, October 10, 20207:00 am CDT
14222 Park Road 57
Somerville, Texas 77879-9713

The Lake Somerville State Park is unique in that it is actually two parks linked up. The trail that links the two parks is a gorgeous path full of natural habitats and wildlife called The Trailway. For this year, we will run the entire race in the Birch Creek Unit. But we are excited about the future as a huge washed out bridge is expected to get re-built that will gain us access from one side of the lake all the way around to the other side to the Nails Creek Unit (over a marathon of trails one way!). The rest of the park’s trails flow through really fun, canopied, rolling terrain right next to the lake! The start/finish is at a sweet spot on the edge of the lake with a huge grass lawn to relax and play on post-race.

While every racer will get some cool swag, September 16 is the deadline to get a shirt.

For TT SWAG and T-Shirt Sizing 

During registration, we are collecting $10 for one day of access to the park. If runners are staying for more than one day, they will have to pay additional amounts upon entering the park.  

Click Here for Tejas Trails Policies (you really do want to know this stuff)