Saturday, June 17, 201710:00 am CDT
1199 E College St
Seguin, Texas 78155

The "Hold My Beer and Watch This; Partner Fitness Race!" is sure to be the most UNIQUE run you'll see all summer. This is a team of two/partner relay style 5k. Non-discriminant to age or team make-up(coed, male-male, female-female), everyone will be open division. Teams will run shuttles at specific distances(40m and back, then 80m and back...) to accumulate 5000 meters. At the end of each leg partners will complete a "fitness-related" task to keep the heart rate up, test their strength, stamina and agility...ALL while not spilling your beer(or root beer depending on age, lol)! Tasks include flipping tires(size is scalable for men/women), rowing, burpees, etc. Awesome swag bags, gear and souvenir mugs for EVERYONE that participates and prizes for our fastest teams with the most beer remaining in their mugs! Contact us for more details. Family friendly entertainment on site as well as vendors and sponsors.

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Event Description:

 *Progressively longer shuttles
 *Team work to complete tasks
 *Beer Bucket Carry
 *"Suds" Up Lunges
 *"Barley and Hops"(Partner Box Step-ups)
 *"Malted-cross" Row
 *"Beer Burpees"
 *"Just-a-Swingin'"(Heavy Jump Rope)
 *"4800 oz. Curl"(Partner Tire Flips)

*****And more fun than barrel of monkeys!

Schedule: 9:00am - Registration, packet pickup and heat assignments.
10:00am - Hold My Beer 5K, the race begins!
Entry Fees:

$25 / person

This is a partner fitness race.  Registration is for teams but we do have an option to "find a team" where we will match you up with someone.

Contact: Derek Clark,