Wednesday, October 19, 20162:00 pm CST
104 River Drive East
Seguin, Texas 78155

A. General Responsibility

It shall be the responsibility of the host school to initiate corrective measures at all District 27-AAA Cross Country meets to prevent unusual disturbances from individuals or groups and to prevent the use of noisemaking instruments.

B. Sites and Date

A District 27-AAA member shall host the District Cross Country meet for boys and girls. Meet

location will be at Starcke Park in Seguin and hosted by Randolph High School for 2016. The 2016 District

Cross Country meet will be chipped timed. The 2016 District Cross Country meet will be held on October

19, 2016. Starting time will be 2:00PM. In case of inclement weather, the meet will be bumped until

later that day, or until we can get the meet completed. If it has to be postponed to another day, it will

depend on the availability of Starcke Park. The Middle School District meet will be held on October 18,

2016 at Starcke Park in Seguin. On October 18th the Middle School meet will start at 5:00 PM and a

separate Organizational Plan will be distributed for the Middle School District Meet.

 C. District UIL Entry Form

All entry forms must be postmarked five (5) days prior to the meet; which is October 14th

by 4:00PM. Fax them to Randolph - (210) 357-2462, Attn: Pete Wesp or email

and Fax them to Randolph (210) 357-2475 or email

Athletes must also be signed up on the Athlete Guild website as they are doing the timing for the meet

 by October 14. Website:

Athlete Guild Manager for questions: Scott Wood

Toll-Free: (877) 806-3987

Office: (830) 500-2117

Cell: (830) 708-2911




D. Changes

A scratch or change may be made in existing entries, but no additions will be permitted once the

District host receives the official entry form. Make sure that all participants and alternates are

listed on the entry form.

E. Meet Director

1. The District Executive Committee shall select a Meet Director for District 27-AAA

meets or may allow the host schools to select a Meet Director. The host schools shall notify the District

Chairman and District Members as to who the Meet Director will be. The Meet Director shall be

responsible for organizing the meet at the host schools. The District Chairman shall have final say to

how the meet is organized within the confines of the UIL constitution and Contest Rules and District

27-AAA rules.

F. Protests

Protests shall be made to the District Rules Committee and their decision shall be final. The Rules

committee shall be made up of AD's from each school. This final decision does not prohibit

further protests to the District Executive Committee on items covered in UIL Constitution and

Contest Rules, which go beyond the actual play (except for the place of finish which is handled

by the clerk of the course).

G. Order of Running Events

Rolling Schedule, these are approximate times and coaches should make sure

runners are on the starting line 15 minutes early

Varsity Girls 2:00 PM

Varsity Boys 2:30 PM

JV Girls 3:00 PM

JV Boys 3:30 PM

Awards 4:00ish

H. Entries

Entry blanks for varsity entries can be found in the UIL Cross Country Coaches Manual at:

Deadline for filling entry blanks is five (5) days before meet which  is Oct. 14th by 4:00 PM. JV may run as many runners as they

want but only the top seven (7) are used for team scoring. Seniors may run in the JV division. A

maximum of seven (7) will receive a chip and may receive awards. High school entries need to be faxed

to (210) 357-2462, Attn: Pete Wesp or email and Fax to Randolph (210) 357-2475 Attn:

Charlie Phillips or email

I. Championship Structure

A maximum of three (3) teams and ten (10) individuals shall qualify from District to Regional.

An individual qualifier may also be a member of a qualifying team. Additional individuals are not

moved into the top ten qualifiers if any of the first ten qualifiers are also on a team. Only Varsity

competitors will advance.  

J. Distance

Girls cross country competitors will run approximately two miles (3200).

Boys cross country competitors will run approximately three miles (5000).

K. Entry Limitations

A minimum of five (5) participants and a maximum of seven (7) shall constitute a varsity team. The first

five finishers on each team will count for the total team score. A school may enter less than

five; however, it cannot compete for a team title. A school may enter only one varsity team of

boys and only one team of varsity girls in the district meet.  JV may run as many runners as they want

but only the top seven finishers chip timed may be used for team scoring.

L. Uniforms

The Cross Country uniform consists of a minimum of school-issued jersey and shorts, which are

not objectionable and shoes, (which may be supplied by the contestant). All team members shall

wear the same color and design school uniform (singlet and shorts). NOTE: Check UIL Manuel for

clarification on uniform rule changes.

M. Rules

The cross country rules found in the current UIL and National Federation Track and Field Rules

shall be enforced at the District Meet.




N. Determining Team Scores

Place at Finish 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th etc.

Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 etc.

Competitors finishing the race shall be ranked and tallied in accordance with the above table.

The team score shall be determined by totaling the points scored by the first five finishers of

each team. The team scoring the fewest number of points is the winner.

If less than five competitors from a school finish, the places of all the competitors from that

school are disregarded in determining the team scores and the team scores are re-ranked.

Although the sixth and seventh place finishers do not score points toward the team totals, the

place is counted in determining the scores of the other teams.

Ties in team scoring shall be resolved by comparing the sixth place finishers from the tied

teams. The team with the best sixth place finisher shall prevail. If one team does not have a

sixth place finisher, the team with a sixth place finisher shall prevail. If only five competitors of

tying teams finish, the scoring shall be resolved by totaling scores of the first four finishers.

O. Meet Officials/Workers

The Meet Director will be responsible for securing all necessary meet officials. The Meet

Director will determine the number of volunteers that will be needed from each school.

The Meet Director will contact each school prior to the meet to obtain the names of the persons who

will be serving as officials. The District Cross Country course will be set up by Meet Director.

P. Awards The District Chairman will be responsible for obtaining the awards

Individual Awards will be presented as follows:

 Varsity Boys and Girls - the top ten  (10) will receive medals.

 Top ten individuals will be All-District and advance to region.

 Junior Varsity Boys and Girls - the top fifteen (10) will receive medals.

 Team awards will be presented as follows:

 Varsity Boys and Girls - the top three teams will each receive 7 medals.

 Junior Varsity Boys and Girls - the top three teams will each receive 7 medals.