Sunday, July 09, 20178:00 am CDT
9606 Bandera Road
San Antonio, Texas 78240

In 2017 we are bring something very special for the San Antonio running community this summer. 2017 will have the start of the SA 5k Running Series that will be a low cost affordable event sponsored by various organizations 100% of the profits from this event will be donated to the Non-Profit organization Run SA Youth. Run SA Youth is program started this December with the goal to be able help kids in underprivileged area’s in San Antonio get the coaching and training to learn about running and nutrition. Run SA Youth seeks to provide the kids in their program essential tools and guidance to be able to succeed in running. The funds from the summer series will essentially be able to fund those efforts.    The Series will have 4 races, all 5k’s, all flat, and professionally timed events. The races will be at 3 different parks. The First race will be held on June 4rd at Rodriguez Park, Second race will be on June 25th at South Side Lions Park east, third Race will be at Op Schnabel Park and finally we will go back to the Rodriguez Park.

Awards will be given only at the 4th race and it is going to be based off a cumulative point system. For example if you sign up and run to a 1 of the races you will receive so many points, in addition if you are in the top of your age group you will receive more points. The more races you show up to the better chances you have to be able to receive an award at the fourth race.

Currently any child under the age of 18 can register for each individual race for 5 dollars and if you they register for all four races then they pay 18.00 dollars. Any adult the registers for an individual event pays 15 dollars and if they register for the four race bundle then they pay 40.00 dollars

All registered participants get timing for their runs, enjoy a professionally marked course, get an entry into the after race raffle. Runners get an option to buy a performance shirt at registration time for an additional 10 dollars. We will continue to gather sponsors to provide other amenities to our runners.

Thank You for your help in funding the Run Sa Youth and the future of our generations.