Saturday, October 29, 20168:00 am CDT
19399 NW Military Hwy
San Antonio, Texas 78257

Lo Bello de San Antonio Women's Association, a 501(c)3 was founded in July 1993. Amelia Garza is the founder and first President. As a small business owner, she recognized how difficult it is to succeed in business without an education. As a result, she was determined to assist others in obtaining an education so that they would not have to experience some of the obstacles that she had to overcome. The membership consists of business and professional women who volunteer their time and resources so that we can continue to strive to reach their goal of increasing educational opportunities in our community through fundraising events. The most recent fundraising initiative is the La Reina Linda Program. La Reina Linda is the Queen to Rey Feo and will represent Lo Bello Women's Association during the week of Fiesta. Her emphasis during the week of Fiesta will be to visit schools throughout the San Antonio area promoting education. All proceeds raised from the La Reina Linda program will benefit the Lo Bello Women's Association Scholarship Program.