Saturday, September 05, 20154:30 pm CST
3215 Northwestern Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78238

Join us and take a tour of the beautiful Leon Creek Greenway in San Antonio, Texas.  The trail runs 12 miles in total.  The Double Half Marathon will allow you to explore the entire length of this wonderful trail, while the Double 5k and Double 10k will give you a great sampling of what this awesome trail has to offer.

There will be two events hosted in one day.  The morning events begin at 7:30am and will start and finish at the Valero Trailhead.  The evening events begin at 4:30pm and will start and finish at the Leon Creek Ingram Trailhead.  Both runs will be an out and back running event.

Event Schedule:

Morning Events: Valero Trailhead
6:30am - Registration
7:30am - Half-Marathon, 5K and 10K

Evening Events: Ingram Park Trailhead
3:30pm - Registration
4:30pm - Half-Marathon, 5K and 10K

Entry Fees:

Single event pricing for morning or evening event with price jump on 6/1/14:
5k- $30 and then $40 after (5/31)
10k- $40 and then $50
Half- $60 and then $70

Combo pricing
Double 5k- $50 and then $60
Double 10k- $70 and then $80
Double Half- $85 and then $100

Mix and match pricing
Half and 5k- $70 and then $80
Half and 10k- $80 and then $90
5k and 10k- $55 and then $65

Contact: Inspired Race Events,