Friday, August 21, 20207:00 pm CDT
3964 Martin Luther King Jr Dr
Port Arthur, Texas 77640

Welcome to the Sabine Causeway 5K!  A pure bridge run starting in Texas, crossing over to Louisiana, running back to Texas-TWICE!  The entire 5K happens on the bridge.  It's bragging rights!  How many people can say they ran from Texas to Louisiana and back to Texas, TWICE, ALL BY BRIDGE, in one 5K!

1 HOUR TIME LIMIT DUE TO BRIDGE LANE CLOSURE.  So far everyone who has attempted the event has finished!  Walkers welcome.

The event is hosted by Supporting Humanity in Motion a 501(c)3 and we will take gear for Supporting Girls In Motion, which is a drive to collect gently used workout gear with an emphasis on sports bras, or new donations, and get them into the hands of young athletes in need. 

UPFRONT PRICING: RACE REGISTRATION FEE IS INCLUDED IN PRICE.  No additional registration fees to surprise you at the end. The more people you register at one time, the more money goes towards the charity.  Your fee is $30 a person flat fee whether you register one person or ten people.

For photos of the bridge and event please see our Sabine Causeway 5K Facebook page.

For more information about the charity and programs please visit our Supporting Humanity In Motion Facebook page