Monday, November 23, 20208:06 am CDT -
Thursday, December 31, 202011:59 pm CDT
New Braunfels, Texas 78132

2020 has been a tough year for Texans.  Help us celebrate our freedom and independence by participating in this virtual 5K.  Run anywhere you like until December 31 and then post your time on the Battle Cry Texas results page.

While the race itself is free, you have the option to purchase a commemorative Battle Cry Texas 2020 custom medal.  If you have already achieved the medal rank for the Battle Cry Series then you do not need to purchase one.  Everyone who has run 5 or more races in the series will be sent the medal.   In addition to the medal, you can also purchase a commerative long sleeve technical t-shirt with the Battle Cry logo.

Here are some of the famous battles that were fought to gain Texas Indepedence:

Battle of Gonzales - This was the start of the Texas Revolution on October 2, 1835.  Come & Take it.
Battle of Goliad - Texans captured Presidio La Bahia, blocking the Mexican Army in Texas from accessing the primary Texas port of Copano.
Battle of the Alamo - Everyone in Texas knows this battle...or should.  While the Texans did not win, it is the most famous battle and one that inspired Texans to rise up.
Battle of San Jacinto - This is the battle that ended the war and declared Texas Independence.

Entry Fees

Virtual Run - Free

Custom Medal -$10.00

Long Sleeve T-Shirt - $15.00

Shirts and Medals will be mailed.  Please register with a good address.

Additional Info
  • Sign up for the race
  • Get moving! 
  • Head to your event page on
  • Click Results
  • Look up your name and click Update
  • Enter your daily mileage and click submit – results might not post immediately
  • Tell all your friends!
  • This is a free event, with the option to purchase a medal and/or Long Sleeve Tech shirt.