Saturday, September 15, 20186:00 am CDT -
Sunday, September 16, 20186:00 pm CDT
706 Co Rd 343A
Marble Falls, Texas 78654

On Saturday the 50m, 8M and Sunday the 50k, 10k will cross the Colorado River via boat. The LCRA will be guiding/crewing these boats across the Colorado River. You will be in a boat with anywhere between 8-12 people at time. You will be asked to paddle the boat across and your feet will get wet along this path. Once on the other side you will complete a loop on the Double Horn side and then come back across the river. You will have to wear a life jacket and the boats are scheduled to leave in increments faster than 5 minutes at a time. We will have a TROT volunteer assisting the LCRA as well moving the runners back and forth. 

The trails across the river are not open to the public and have never been run on before. Most of the trails are being cut just for the Colorado Crossing runners. As you can see below 2 distances each day cross the river while the other 2 do not cross the river. This will allow us to serve folks who do and don't want to be in a boat across the Colorado River. The race is on the Colorado River so you will have a great opportunity to spend time all weekend along the banks.