Thursday, October 01, 202012:00 am CST -
Saturday, October 31, 202011:59 pm CST
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This pandemic has lasted so long that we just finished reading the dictionary.

Turns out, the Zebra did it. *pause to laugh*

Speaking of Zebras (see how we did that?) did you know the zebra is the land animal with the most endurance? In honor of that fact, and because we're all tired of COVID-19 we thought we'd have a little fun in October... and we're making the Zebra the official mascot of our "IN IT FOR THE LONG RUN" Challenge. 

How many miles can we log together from October 1 - October 31? You can run, walk, bike, get on a treadmill, swim... whatever you can do to get off the couch and get onto a healthier lifestyle.

How about it. Join us?

Just $20 (add $5 if you want us to ship it to you) gets your a fantabulous Zebra-themed shirt and medal. 

Log miles anytime in the month of October. Walk it. Run it. Ride it. Roll it. Row it. Swim it. Just Move it.

Oh.. and adding to the fun. Consider making a donation and vote for your favorite listed non-profit during the registration process. All proceeds and donations will go to the winning non-profit.


Entry Fees

Just $20 (add $5 if you want us to ship it to you) gets you a fantabulous Zebra-themed shirt and medal. Items will be ordered at the close of the event.  

Logging Your Results

If you get stuck on any of these steps -- send a message to and we'll figure it out!

How to log your results - each individual person must log in as him/herself:

  • Sign up for the race
  • Get moving! 
  • <<<If you don’t have an account on, set one up – make sure the email address you use is unique to you and hasn’t been used by someone else in your family.  If you need help getting this straightened out, just contact>>>
  • Log in
  • Head to your event page on
  • Click Results
  • Look up your name and click Update
  • Enter your daily mileage and click submit – results might not post immediately
  • Tell all your friends!