Saturday, October 01, 20168:00 am CST
1526 Ocean Dr.
Corpus Christi, Texas 78404

MYTeam Triumph was started in April 2014 after Michelle and Rusty Jones attended the Biggest loser 5K in Austin pushing Captain Charlie in his standard wheel chair. While at the race they ran into MTT:Ainsley’s Angels of South East Texas and through that the South Texas Chapter was formed. We started the Chapter with 3 Angels and 2 Captains wings that where ready to fly. We attended our first race April 2014 Portland Wind Fest.   


Over 11 months we grew to 39 Captains and 186 Angels and continue  to welcome new athletes in. We would like to share the joy of crossing the finish line with as many disabled Texan’s as possible by providing the required equipment and by coordinating events.


 We believe in spreading the mission of Inclusion all over the state.