Saturday, May 20, 20177:00 am CDT -
Sunday, May 21, 20177:00 am CDT
5389 Mill Creek Rd.
Cat Spring, Texas 78933

Texas treasure quest is a new racing competition that combines trail running, scavenger hunting, adventure racing, points strategy and some old school orienteering. 

Here is how it works:

Determine how many hours you want to play 3-6-12-24 hours and if you want to run alone (solo), 2 people (duo) or with a team of 4 (Quatro). 

The rules are the same for all durations and team sizes.

The goal is to accumulate the most points within the time period that you are enrolled in.  You will receive a small passport booklet before the race begins where you will "collect" your points.

We will provide you with a map when you start the race of the property and layout. On this map are plot points on the map that have various point values. (see example below) You will receive one laminated map and one paper map.