Saturday, November 22, 20149:00 am CST
2200 West 35th St
Austin, Texas 78703

What is it?

What do you get when you cross Tom Selleck with Richard Simmons?  I don’t even want to know, but the Mustache Dache is the universe’s biggest and best mustache-themed running party.  Cross that finish line, and you’ll know what it means to live.  You’ll also know what it means to have a good time.  Come join us,  mustache or no, and help support Movember while working up a sweat!


The Course

Course information will be posted once available.


Kid’s Run

This year, we are offering a kid’s run, so the whole family can participate!  Kids will receive their own bib, finisher’s medal, and best of all, a Mustache Dache CAPE!  Nacho Libre, anyone?  The kid’s run will be for kids 12 & under and costs $20 to enter.  The course will be short enough for all kiddos to reasonably finish.

Stay tuned for more details, including a preview of the cape, and exact start times.


The Shirt

All participants of the Mustache Dache™  will receive the very truly official 2014 Mustache Dache™ t-shirt!  We’ll post previews of the shirts when available.  For now, you’ll just have to be satisfied with pictures of cute bunnies.

Please note that shirts can only be picked up in person at packet pickup or race day.  We do not mail out shirts afterwards or hold them.  No exceptions!

The Medal

All participants in the Mustache Dache will receive a super-tasty, super-fine bit of mustache bling to hang about their neck and proclaim to their friends and family that they’re a true mustache fan.  We’ll unveil this metallic homage to mustaches on our Facebook page when the time is ripe.

Registration and Pricing

Online registration will be opening up at the end of summer.  If you want to get in on our early registration and know exactly when registration will open…click below!



Event Pricing
Early Bird
Somewhat Early Bird
Fashionably Late Bird
Registration at Race
Dates Until 9/30 Until 10/31 Until Race Day Day of Race
Individual 5k $35 $40 $45 $45
Team 5k $30 $35 $40 N/A
Kids (12 & under) 5k $20 $20 $20



Packet Pick-Up

Packet pick-up information will be posted no later than two weeks prior to this glorious event.  Want to escape the lines?  Come to pre-race packet pickup.  Simple as that.  Things can get a little crazy on race day.

If you’re too cool for school, you can do your packet pickup on race day as well.


Results and Photos

Pictures and results will be available as soon as possible after the race.



Karma is a five letter word.  So if you hate running or just want to compensate for felonies in a previous life, volunteering is the way to go.



We’ll post a downloadable file with race day information 2 weeks prior.

What to Bring

–>A mustache!

–>Running shoes

–>Running clothes

–>Fresh and styling costume

–>Photo ID

–>Cash for merchandise

–>A healthy sense of irreverence

What not to bring….our four legged canine friends, aka Canis lupus familiaris, the dog.  Unfortunately, the insurance we use for the Mustache Dache™ does not allow for dogs  to participate in the run.  However, dogs are welcome to come and spectate!


Prizes and Whatnot

As the ancient Greeks, we elect to recognize the fleetest of foot amongst our rapscallion hordes. Prizes will be given to the top 3 finishers in the following age groups:

  • No Mustache Growers (12 & Under)
  • Angst-filled (13-17)
  • “Mature” (18-39)
  • Mid-Life Crisis (40-59)
  • AARPwesome (60+)

We will also recognize the best costumes that display the finest in sartorial harmony, and finally, we will recognize the teams with the best “team spirit”, which is a completely subjective and utterly biased judgement by East German Olympic judges from the ’88 Olympics.  And of course, the best mustaches will be recognized as well!


Directions and Parking

Need directions?  Stay tuned.

Carpooling!  We highly encourage you all to get cozy in the car and carpool to the Mustache Dache™!  Parking information will be posted here 2 weeks prior to race day.

Refund Policy

Due to the upfront nature of event costs, we have a uniform policy of no refunds, transfers or deferrals to a future year. We know that plans change and unexpected things come up,  but we feel it is most fair to apply a uniform policy to all, instead of an arbitrary line of who merits a refund and who doesn’t. Thank you for your understanding.

Make sure that you are good to go when you sign up!