5K walk / run


How hard is it to make a 5K walk / run event 

It's not exactly hard but

It's not exactly hard but there are a lot of details to consider.  First and foremost is to determine when you want to have the event and then where.  There are lots of good venues around but they all have advantages and disadvantages for an event.  Some may be more expensive than others due to park fees and additional security requirements.  Once you have determine those two pieces, then the next is to start looking at what type of event and then all of the basic information for the event such as whether it is a fun run or competitive run, what type of awards, entertainment, entry fees, etc.

The best advice is to look at other events and think about the things you like or dislike and then tailor your event around that.

Athlete Guild can certainly help you with your planning.  We're a full service race management and timing company so are well positioned to help you with any aspect.  Give me a call.  830-708-2991.  Scott