2nd 5k in the Works


In March of 2016, I made a life-altering decision.  I made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery that July, in between the school years, so that I could have a healthier life.


In June of 2017, I celebrated the year anniversary of that decision, when, at almost 200 pounds lighter, I signed up for my first 5k.  I had been running up to that point, and had gotten my 5k time down under an hour.  I was excited to actually put that result on paper.  My official time:  52:18.  I was so ecstatic that I was so validated.


June of 2018 the same 5k came around again.  I decided to lay off for a year.  I hadn't had a great year, and had gained back some of the weight that I had lost.  I felt like I had sold out, and that I had let myself down, and I decided that somehow, someway, I was going to run that 5k again.


Fast forward to today.  Another horrible year for me mentally, and I continue to have setbacks.  Monetary, professional, and the ensuing mental problems because of the financial and professional problems continue to hinder my weight loss.  However, today I made a very difficult decision to run the 5k that motivated me to begin with.


Hopefully, it will motivate me again, and I can get back to my track of a healthier life.  I need this, I want this, and I will have this.  52:18 is the bar that I set two years ago.  I must excel and overcome.  We'll see what happens.