Let's Talk Time


Many people don’t realize that February is National Time Management Month. Clearly, the intent is to raise awareness for improving how best to handle your personal or work responsibilities. But it seems like a good opportunity to talk about the importance of accurate race timing management.


It’s Your Name On The Line

Race managers know that the accuracy, security and well … timeliness … of time keeping will make or break an event. Competitive runners rely on split-second accuracy not only for their personal record-keeping, but also in judging how well they place in a race event. Even casual runners rely on accurate race results to see how they fared against the rest of the mob. Likewise, official race results should be posted in as timely a manner as possible, and on a forum that is widely accessible to race participants, while ensuring the security of all collected data.


These requirements can prove to be a hurdle to smaller or less-experienced event organizers, or those operating on a tight budget. Satisfactory event timing relies on state-of-the-art technology, efficient workflow, centralized reporting — and experience.


Get By With a Little Help

Athlete Guild has years of experience in every aspect of race management, including event timing. We’re one of the largest race timing companies in Texas, and rank in the top 20 nationwide.


Athlete Guild offers a base Timing Package that is perfect for smaller events, or those with smaller budgets. The base-level package is backed by our outstanding customer service and decades of experience. The Timing Package includes:


  • Accurate event timing
  • Finish line tower and banner
  • Race clock
  • The latest technology in chip timing of participants
  • Inclusion in our ongoing marketing campaigns (AthleteGuild.com, newsletter, social media)
  • Easy-to-use data management tools for project management, teams, and participant management


Success Doesn’t Stop at Timing

As a full-service race management company, Athlete Guild can assist race event organizers every step of the way, with as much, or as little help as the situation requires. Because no two events are exactly the same, the Athlete Guild pros offer custom race management packages with your choice of add-on services. Other services include event and route planning, permit wrangling, event marketing, participant management, and more. It’s as easy as contacting us — and we’ll get hyped about your event.


But What About Actual Time Management?

In the spirit of National Time Management Month, our advice is:

  • Prioritize your time;
  • Have a plan;
  • Get lots of rest;
  • Learn how to say NO; and
  • Delegate responsibilities as needed.


Get a head start by delegating your race management needs to Athlete Guild.