Monday & Wednesday 6:30PM
Sat: 7AM (6am when it gets hot)
Sun: make up days

"Do it in the RAW"

We have been training athletes to complete marathons for 30 years (over 3500 to date) - join us!

Our members are made up of walkers, joggers, triathletes, swimmers, cyclist, and runners from all walks of life: Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Vets, Business Owners, Cooks & Bottle washers. People who love to work out, socialize, and have fun while walking, jogging or running year round.  

We all need of some type of Personal ID for Medical & Safety  while walking, running or cycling so for an unbelieveable product please go to www.pslpharmacyservices.com and use runaway for your discount code. Be Safe!

Join us for fun & fitness in your life,

Group Info
Where Friends meet to Run "Do it in the RAW"
3420 N. St. Mary's
San Antonio, Texas 78210
United States
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