From the Race Director:

After running for 14 years, I took on the challenge of a half marathon. After 5 months of training & sacrifice, I was standing at the start line and said, “I really wish I was doing this for something I believed in.” The marathon for adoption idea was conceived that day. You see, adoption has impacted my life tremendously. I have an adopted brother that came into our family when I was 19 years old and over the years I have walked this journey with many friends. God has used adoption to teach me about his love for me. He rescued me out of darkness & brought me into His family forever. It is a privilege to have a hand in helping rescue those bound in darkness & bring them into loving families!

In 2010, at our Inaugural race, I looked out at a sea of runners and felt like I was living inside a dream. More than 1200 runners had gathered from 23 states & 3 countries to run for orphans and adoptive families. Pictures of orphans were pinned to runners back. Moms & dads ran with their adopted children. People who had never run any kind of race endured 13.1 miles to support someone else’s adoption and help bring a child home. It was spectacular! We were able to help 22 teams and about 50 families with more than $100,000 raised. We also supplied winter clothing for an entire orphanage in the Ukraine. God is faithful and He has not forgotten the orphan!

Now October 2011, we already have 56 teams registered which represents families and church families raising money to help pay for their adoptions. We are helping to improve the living conditions of orphans in Burundi, Haiti & Costa Rica through building projects for new homes and schools. We are honored and privileged to be used for these purposes.

So, who is the “we”? Our Core Race Team is strictly made up of volunteers who believe in what we are doing and want to help bring orphans out of darkness. From website design to race day music, we have been tremendously blessed by people donating out of their abundant gifts & resources to advance this vision.

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