It usually surprises people when they hear it for the first time. We have an orphan problem in America. In our country, the most affluent in the world, we have half a million orphans—children living on the streets, in group homes, and in foster care. South Texas is no exception: every day, an average of 23 kids in South Texas are removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect with an astounding 8,397 confirmed victims of abuse and neglect in 2013 in our region (8).

4KIDS' Vision, “A Home For Every Child,” speaks to the solvable nature of the problem. It’s that simple. If we find a home for a child in crisis, that child finds HOPE.  Working collectively with committed churches, corporations, foundations, and individuals, we are making a difference one child at a time, and fulfilling our Mission of “Providing Hope…For Kids in Crisis.

Local and national leaders have recognized that 4KIDS is the model of how to help kids in crisis. More than 17,000 children have experienced HOPE through ordinary people in South Florida and we are their first affiliate out of the state of Florida. We are building our Visionary Undercover Heroes who will be known most for their acts of sacrifice and generosity that go unnoticed by everyone except the child…and God.

We invite you to join us! Pursuing this vision requires flexibility and ingenuity. With your partnership, together we will bring hope to our most precious asset, our children. There is much to do until every child has a home!


  • Sacrifice—serving with the heart of God, whatever the cost.
  • Perseverance—never giving up on a child.
  • Integrity—in everything, above reproach.
  • Compassion—walking with children on their path to redemption.
  • Excellence—giving our best to those in need.
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Providing Hope for Kids in Crisis
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