Track and Field meet hosted by Brazos High School

Race Day Schedule

3:00 P.M.          Scratch meeting in BHS team room

3:45 P.M.          Field Events
                          Pole Vault - Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls, JV Boys, JV Girls
                          Triple Jump - Pit 1 - Varsity Girls,  Varsity Boys,
                          Long Jump - Pit 2 - Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls, JV Girls
                          Triple / Long Jump - Pit 3 - JV Girls, JV Boys, JV Boys (See Bottom)
                          High Jump - JV Boys, Varsity Boys, JV Girls, Varsity Girls
                          Shot Put - Ring 1 - JV Boys, JV Girls
                          Shot Put - Ring 2 - Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys
                          Discus - Ring 1 - JV Girls, JV Boys
                          Discus - Ring 2 - Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls

4:00 P.M.          3200 Meter Run - JV Girls, JV Boys, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys

6:00 P.M.          Running Finals - JV Girls, Varsity Girls, JV Boys, Varsity Boys
                           400 Meter Relays
                           800 Meter Run
                           100 Meter Hurdles
                           110 Meter Hurdles
                           100 Meter Dash
                           800 Meter Relay
                           400 Meter Dash
                           300 Meter Hurdles
                           200 Meter Dash
                           1600 Meter Run
                           1600 Meter Relay

All Events are final

We may combine Pole Vault

Pit 3 will have Triple Jump first with JV Girls and JV Boys. The girls will complete Long Jump on Pit 2. The JV Boys will complete Long Jump on Pit 3.

3 attempts in the shot, discus, long and triple jump

High Jump Height: To be discussed

Running events may start sooner, depending on the end of the field events

Please help enforce the following rules:

            No spikes in bleachers

            No Tape on the track - Please use marks

            Football field for warm ups only - No camps

            Help clean your areas before leaving.