Tuesday, August 01, 202312:00 am CDT -
Thursday, August 31, 202311:59 pm CDT
Austin, Texas 78745

Did you know that more than 3 million people in the United States stutter? Stuttering is a neurological condition that affects the fluent flow of speech, but the psychological and emotional impact of stuttering often comes from negative listener reactions to stuttering such as teasing, ridicule, bullying, and even punishment. This causes many people who stutter to feel "less than" or "broken" in some way, even though stuttering is not their fault...it's just a part of their make-up. There are also many negative myths that remain and little understanding about stuttering in general, so many people who stutter experience feelings of guilt, shame, isolation, and fear because of their communication difference.

Did you also know that only a small percentage of certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are adequately trained to work with people who stutter? We at Spero Stuttering are on a mission to change this reality! We hope to make a difference in the lives of those who stutter by raising awareness and educating the public about stuttering, and we hope to see increasing numbers of SLPs who are trained to provide efficacious care with depth of understanding and confidence. Our mission is to incentivize SLPs to prioritize stuttering as an area of professional growth. Join us for this national event benefiting Spero Stuttering's vision and mission!

Your support will enable us to help, empower, and advocate for the stuttering community and their families by equipping those who work with people who stutter. 100% of net proceeds will fund stipends for SLPs to obtain research-based and quality training. This is a family-friendly event hosted by Spero Stuttering as we make Strides for Stuttering together!

This virtual walk/run means you can walk or run anywhere (your chosen location) anytime between August 1 and August 31.  Registration closes on August 27.


Learn more about Spero Stuttering at https://www.sperostuttering.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/sperostuttering

Entry Fees

$25 - Adults
$15 - 18 and under

Entry includes a T-shirt and Spero water bottle sticker.

NOTE: Shirts will be ordered at the close of registration (August 27) so an exact order can be made.  We estimate participants will receive their fantastic swag by the end of September!

Logging Your Results

How to log your results.  Come to this page, on the left you will see a Results tab, click on that,  search your name and then update your time.

  • Sign up for the race
  • Go for a run or walk specifically for the virtual run!
  • <<<If you don’t have an account on athleteguild.com, set one up – make sure the email address you use is unique to you and hasn’t been used by someone else in your family.  If you need help getting this straightened out, just contact webmaster@athleteguild.com>>>
  • Log in
  • Head to your event page on athleteguild.com
  • Click Results
  • Look up your name and click Update (on a phone, you may need to scroll over to see the button)
  • Enter your time and click submit – results might not post immediately
  • Tell all your friends!
Contact Info

Sponsorships, contact Ana Paula Mumy, sperostuttering@gmail.com