Saturday, October 05, 20134:00 am CST
6424 Hackberry Rd
Rocksprings, Texas 78880

Ultra Distance Obstacle Course Survival Race in the beautiful but rugged Texas Hill Country. Enerything out here bites, stings, scratches and just plain hurts. The objective of this race is to strip you of all comforts and to put you in a true Survival mode. The obstacles/challenges will be natural and based on the native cultural history of the area and the Hunter Gatherer way of life. The terrain will be extremely rough, with some trails, lots of bushwhacking etc. Tasks will include memorizing, carrying, climbing, throwing, digging, building etc.

The obstacles (challenges) are setup to make this course a pass or fail. This course contains some of the most challenging obstacles ever seen in an obstacle course event. Not your average obstacle course, you will not be scaling wallks or doing burpees, you may be doing things you have never done before. Most obstacles will not be revealed until race day; be ready for anything!

Rules & Information for Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer

  • ONly 75 runners in the 100k and 75 runners in the 50k will be accepted.
  • There are no handicaps given other than the ones you may develop during the race.
  • Learn to climb a tree: roped are for gyms.
  • Learn proper race hydration and nutrition and run an ultra BEFORE coming to this race.
  • Complaints will be use against you. This is NOT your average hometown race with perceived dangers, this is REAL!
  • Fear is your worst enemy on this course; leave it at home.
  • Don't bring your mom and dad, this race is for big kids!
  • Reveiw List of Items Needed.
  • Drop Bags are allowed only at Start/ Finish area.
  • Being prepared for anything is the only thing that will get you through this.
  • Very limited entry, entrants must be pre-approvedv based on racing experience.
  • Entry is by application only! Fill out the form and tell us why you think you can finish.
  • You MUST be physically able to run over 100km, swim, climb, jump and carry heavy objects.
  • Cutoff Times for the Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer are 34 hours for the 100k and 15 hours for the 50k
  • Other cutoff times on the course will be announces pre-race. These cutoff times will be STRICtlY enforced.
  • Survuval Runners cannot receive medical aid during race from anyone not in the race. *Survival Runners can carry their own medical kit.
  • All obstacles must be completed to be eligible for the prize and Winner's Trophy.
  • No Aid stations.
  • Carry all of your food.
  • Filter your own water.
  • No headlamp, basic lighting will be provided as needed.
  • When the race starts, your first task is to make your own footwear for the race. Materials will be provided.