The 24/7 Superhero Obstacle Course Challenge
Saturday, October 09, 2010Time: 8:00 am CDT
159 Uhlrich Road
Johnson City, Texas 78636

Race Info

The 24/7 Superhero Obstacle Course Challenge is an off road obstacle course race run over unstable and unpredictable terrain. The FULL challenge offers the seasoned runner 24 obstacles over 7 miles including obstacles in mud, mud, and oh yeah, more mud. The HALF version offers 12 obstacles over 3.5 miles, yes also including mud. All runners will complete the 3.5mile HALF version of the course together at which point the FULL challengers will break off and continue on to complete the 24/7 with the obstacles increasing in difficulty.

Both courses pit you, the Superhero, against Supervillian themed obstacles attempting to foil your plans of completing your challenge. For example Nocturno, featured on our home page, has created an obstacle called Terror Tunnel. This obstacle requires you to get on your hands and knees and enter a tunnel of complete darkness and unknown length crawling until you find your way to the end, if there is one. Once you have found the light at the end of the tunnel, you get back on your feet and continue on to the next obstacle. That’s it, pretty simple huh, until you factor in 23 more obstacles over 7 miles.

Both races are timed events utilizing the most advanced chip timing system in the world by Innovative Timing Systems. Upon completion of the race, your time and ranking will be available for you to view under our results viewing tent.

Waves of up to 500 registered runners will start every half hour beginning at 8am and ending at 1:00pm. Even though this is a fun event, it is still a race. Seasoned runners trying to win their division should be allowed to pass to the front of the wave and the more recreational runners or costume wearing participants towards the back. Please note that your chip timing will not begin until you cross the starting line, so no matter where you are in the wave, your time will be accurate.

Age divisions for men and women are as follows:
14-19   45-49
20-24   50-54
25-29   55-59
30-34   60-69
35-39   70+

You may register for any wave regardless of your age.

What is the entry fee?  Is there a different fee for the Full or the Half?

$75  Regardless of which race you join.  Your entry fee helps to cover cost of pre-race expenses.  Don’t forget that  a portion of the entry fee’s are set aside for the Kidds Kids Charity and a donation to the local law enforcement entity in which the race is being held, in honor of the fallen heros of that county or city.

Awards will be given as follows:
Top three overall times for both males and females.
Top two times in each age division for males and females.
Overall best participant costume
Overall best spectator costume
Best group costume 4+
Best couple’s costume

Participants must be present to receive their award or make arrangements to pick up the award prior to there departure.  No awards will be shipped.

Event officials reserve the right to modify any event rule at any time for any reason. Participants will be responsible for knowing the rules prior to the start of the race.

Where & When The 24/7 challenge is being held?

October 9, 2010 @ 8am

Flat Creek Crossing Ranch

159 Ulrich Rd. Johnson City, Tx 78636

Packet pick up will be on October 8th from 12 pm -7 pm at Flat Creek Crossing Ranch.

If you do not wish to pick up your packet at this time, you may pick it up on Race day.  Make sure you arrive early with plenty of time to wait in line, receive your packet, put your bib on, and secure your timing chip to your shoe.  Race packets WILL NOT be shipped.

How to get there?

Directions to The Ranch at Flat Creek Crossing (From Austin)

Estimated Drive Time: 1 Hour

1. Take 290 West out of Austin, through Oak Hills, Drippings Springs and then Henley.

2. Turn right on 3232 — this turn is very easy to find:
It is just over a mile past the small town of Henley and is marked by a sign pointing the way to
Pedernales Falls State Park.

3. Stay on 3232 until it “T’s” into FM 2766 (almost at the park entrance – FM 2766
becomes County Road 201 at this point).

4. Turn RIGHT (a left will take you to Johnson City) and go past the park entrance – DO NOT go in the park gate.

5. Continue a little over 2 MILES down County Road 201 (you’ll notice that even though you did not go
through the park gate, you are still traveling through the park). You will pass an electrical power transfer
station on your left at about 1 mile – at 2 miles you will cross a cattle guard and notice the ranch’s white
wooden fence on your left.

6. Continue a few hundred yards over a slight hill.

7. Take a left at the ranch entrance: You’ll see a sign that says “FLAT CREEK CROSSING.”