Gut Check Challenge - Zombie Apocalypse 5K
Saturday, October 26, 2013Time: 10:00 am CDT
2066 Country Road 405
Floresville, Texas 78114

The Gut Check Challenge is morethan just a mud-run. It;s more than just some obstacle course. It's an event. It's a grueling, make-your-muscles-burn, test of bad ass-ness wrapped in beer and barbeque! In the true spirit of "Gut Check", we're here for you to test yourself. There'll be other competitors, but this isn't about whether or not you can beat them. Hell... you just may have to help a few of those others through some of the obstacles. No... this event is for you to see exactly what you're made of.

So sign up. Show up. And drink up... Just don't give up! We'll see you at the finish line!!