Website Upgrade

Athlete Guild is constantly trying to improve the website experience for the growing list of athletes.  As we expand our operations, we're adding new events in a growing list of communities.  This is great for everyone but it has caused a problem for you specifically with our featured events and event search feature on our website.  If you live in San Antonio for example, you would rather see events in the local area first rather than several hours away.  To resolve that issue, we have added location awareness to our site.  What this means is that when you navig

Constant Improvement

It's been said that if you aren't making mistakes, then you aren't trying hard enough and improving.  I know that I have certainly made my fair share of mistakes over the years.  I certainly hope that it means that I'm getting better.  I know that as a company, Athlete Guild is constantly trying to improve the way that we do things and we certainly have made mistakes along the way.  As most in life discover though, it's not a matter of whether you make a mistake, but a matter of how you handle it.  Do you learn from those mistakes or do you simpl

Reap What you Sow

Reap what you sow is an old saying that simply means that in order to have success you must expend effort.  This has application for so many areas of life.  It is especially true in the racing business.  Whether you are a competitor trying to improve your time, or a race director hosting an event, you get back what you put into it.  I hear a complaint from race directors a lot regarding the number of events that are taking place.  Whereas on a given weekend several years ago, there might have been 2 or 3, now it is not uncommon to find twice that many or more. 

Let's build a team!


Hey team,

Thanks for joining us April and Arlo!

I just posted a link on my facebook wall giving our team name and inviting friends to join.  

I'm going to send out an email as well to the usual ATX suspects.

If we get 10 people to join our team, I'm considered a "hero" and get a cape to wear during the race.  I think Arlo would love that, so that's my goal.


YMCA ST. Patty's 5K

Good Morning.  Just finished my 9th 5K of the year and decided to try my hand at posting on a blog for the 1st time.  I usually keep my thoughts to myself but felt the need to warn my fellow runners of the poor execution encountered at this race. 

Fees and Chargebacks

If you have ever registered online, then you should be familiar with the added processing fee on the transaction.  You may have often wondered what this is for and why you have to pay it.  Unless you have been in retail or banking, you may not realize that the credit card companies charge every transaction a percentage for processing and handling of the money.  In the case of retail, that charge has always been absorbed by the retailer.  The charge is between 3% and 5% of the transaction depending on the particular card and status of the retailer.  This means that f

Braunfest 5K

Guadalupe-Brewing Very few drivers out on the road today before 6am. Texas is frozen. I drop Sandy off at Austin Bergstrom for an early flight easily enough.

Go or No Go

One of the hardest decisions that a race director or organizer faces is whether to cancel or postpone a race when conditions warrant it.  It is never an easy decision and certainly one that race directors would prefer not to make.  We have had several events over the years that have had to cancel for one reason or another.  Some have been because a race director got nervous when registrations weren't coming through fast enough and in our estimation, pulled the plug early.  We've had one that used the weather as an excuse to cancel but the truth was that she was g

Race Operations

As a race director and event coordinator, we get the opportunity to work with a lot of different organizations and venues.  Some are incredible to work with while others make you wish you had never started.  I've been dealing with a particular venue in San Antonio lately that has made me really rethink our operations.  They have been so difficult to work with that it makes the effort not even worth the effort.  We do our best to try and make the event as memorable as we possibly can for the participants, but the venue has so many restrictions and requirements that it