Newsletter Advertising


Increased Target Accuracy

Focusing on currently active athletes, the Athlete Guild marketing database is uniquely comprehensive providing accuracy far beyond traditional targeted marketing lists. Marketers can know, not guess, the relevance their message will have to recipients.

Higher Open Rates

Consumers are statistically more likely to open an email containing personalized information and topics of interest. Each Athlete Guild Newsletter is customized for the recipient including up to date personal training history and event statistics. Event recommendations are also included and customized to the recipient based on personal criteria and geographic location.

Exposure Bi-Weekly

An updated Athlete Guild Newsletter is sent to recipients every two weeks with a total distribution of over 200,000 per month. Every issue offers athletes an ongoing resource to monitor workouts, personal progress, and upcoming events.

Premium Posting

Athlete Guild offers Gold, Silver, and Bronze position advertising opportunities.  Each of these options is located in the upper portion of the Newsletter accompanying the recipient's customized personal data.

Open Rate by Demographic

Each Newsletter contains the recipient's personalized performance statistics and event suggestions.