Sunday, May 29, 20118:30 am CST
110 Tuleta Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78212

Sunday, 29 May 2011 (This is Memorial Weekend and will be the last Sunday in May of each year)

Starts in Alamo Stadium, runs through Brackenridge Park

Getting to Alamo Stadium:
Take I37/Hwy 281 to Hildebrand and go west to the top of the hill. Make a left on Stadium Dr, the stadium is directly in front of you. Parking on both sides of the stadium: West side, Stadium Dr, (next to the entrance) and East side of the stadium, Tuleta St. If parking overflows SAPD will allow us to park on the street around the stadium.

Doors at Alamo Stadium open at 6 AM Entrance: Everyone (runners and spectators) must go through the west (main) entrance (on the hill across from Trinity U) Opening Ceremonies start at 8AM

Late Registration:
Starting at 6 AM at the event. Registration entry fee at the event or at Packet Pickup is $70 per runner (cash only). Pay fee and fill out registration form at Main Entrance and take to on field registration table for processing. Please be early. It takes time to fill out the form for 5 teammates, take it to the field, record the data in the computer, and assign bib numbers. It is the Captain's responsibility to make sure his or her team is registered and on time for the event and the start.

Runner’s Staging and Seating Area:
All runners will be located on the southeastern and eastern half (Gym side) of the stadium and allowed to warm-up next to the gym. Teams should sit or meet (in the stands) near their designated hand-off area. Teams are encouraged to stay together before, during and after the race to avoid confusion at the start, for the handoffs and for the awards ceremony. It is the Captain's responsibility to maintain team integrity for all functions.

Starts at 8:30 AM

The Race:
The race will start on the track near the south goal line (the usual start for most track races) at Alamo Stadium. Runners will go south on the track and follow the curve around to face north and go out the set of large doors on the north end of the stadium. The race will then turn right on Tuleta going downhill (Zoo Hill) towards the SA Zoo. One loop through Brackenridge Park, back up Zoo Hill, through the large stadium doors on to the track staying on the right. (REVISIONS PENDING)
Click on Relay Course Map and Stadium Map links for course details, handoffs and staging area info.

All contestants, except Race Walkers, may run and/ or walk any portion of the event. The two Race Walker divisions must adhere to strict USATF Race Walking. Beginning race walkers may go to for detailed instructions.

Entry Fee:
$50 per runner.

Entry Fee postmarked after 29 Apr 2011 is $60 per runner. Registration at the event or at Packet Pickup at the Spaghetti Warehouse (Sat 28-May, 10am to 6pm) is $70 per runner.

Internet Registration Closing Date: 22 May 2011

Mail Registration Closing Date: 22 May 2011

Registration after 22 May 2011 will start at 6 AM at the event

All entries are non-refundable even if event is cancelled. Note: in 40 years and over 200 meets, the Free Spirits have never cancelled an event. We go rain or shine. After expenses, all funds go towards scholarships for cancer survivors (includes other diseases, blindness and child abuse).

Alternates are allowed to replace registered runners who cannot participate. They must have the bib number of the person they are replacing in order to get into the race without an entry fee. Go to the on field registration table and sign in to make the name change. Alternates without bib numbers must pay $70 at the main gate, fill out Alternate Card and take it to the on field registration table.

On race day, alternates who have paid their entry fee will be allowed to join other teams needing a runner at the meet or join other alternates also looking for a team.

Need a Team/Runner: You will be matched with other runners also needing a team (in the appropriate division). You will be notified (email) when you are matched to a team. Fill out application and mark the applicable division/category and check “Need a Team” or “Need a Runner”