How can I create a 2D animated video?


I’ve been wanting to make an animated 2D style video for a long time, simple but beautiful, it’s all for a popular science theme. Advise good animators who can help. For a long time I wanted to make an animated video in 2D style, simple but beautiful. Recommend good animators who can help.


Good evening buddy. Buddy,

Good evening buddy. Buddy, study the literature and popular blogs. There are plenty of guides on the web on how to do it and how successful people have done it. You were given good advice, try to use it. When I first started out, I had fewer of these tools in my hands.


I have a marketing business

I have a marketing business and I believe that animation is the engine of marketing right now. In order for your product to be memorable, you need to create a 3D or 2d animated video. I recommend studying this topic in detail because every project needs to be worked on as thoroughly as possible. Only this will ensure that the entire video production cycle is complete. Put yourself in the shoes of a fellow buyer. Do you like original 2d videos or boring posters? I think the answer is obvious.